Vincent Bachelier

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

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[email protected]

(+33) - 664 009 796


I love having challenge every day. I'm quick to acquire new languages and be efficient on it.


Project manager

I have a good idea how to organize and deploy applications.


I love processing and analysis huge amount of data.

Low latency

I like to build application that require very low latency response.


  • Python **
  • Java / Scala **
  • Perl ***
  • Javascript ***
  • SQL ***
  • HTML / CSS **
  • Ruby / Rails **
  • Shell **
  • PHP **
  • Go Lang *
  • Couchbase ***
  • Elasticsearch ***
  • Postgresql / Redshift **
  • Spark **
  • RabbitMQ ***
  • Redis ***
  • MySQL ***
  • MongoDB **
  • Riak **
  • IBM DB2 *
  • NGinx ***
  • Apache **
  • Ubuntu / Debian / FreeBSD ***
  • Git ***
  • Expert: *** / Intermediate: ** / Beginner: *



Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

since 2016

Ogury is a compagny that purpose intelligent ads (based on data) on Android Apps. I have join the Data Science Team and we are working on the modeling of our data to predict the behavior of the users.

Techno: Java, Scala, Spark, Python, Redshift, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Couchbase.


Project leader Weborama Audience Manager Backend


Weborama Audience Manager is a tools that handle real time validation on a huge amount of data, and redispatch them to DSPs. The redispatch is based on audience users create to target them on Exchange Platform.
The interface require the hability to lookup on a database of billions of users in a very short delay to have the best user experience possible.
We use Couchbase to store and get very quickly our data for the validation process, and Elasticsearch for the lookup into the WAM interface.

Techno: Perl, Couchbase, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, MySQL.

Project leader Adperf Publisher


I lead the Adperf Publisher Team (up to 6 members), a product dedicated to the publishers that handle their adserving. I have to deal with huge amount of traffic and I optimize all part of the product (the queries and the codes).

Techno: Perl, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Redis, Riak, MySQL.


Perl junior developer


Maintenance and improvement of the OPTIMA product.
Optimizing queries (IBM DB2) and Perl code.
Project Leader of the extranet software.
Creation of a reporting solution with Jasper.
Installation and administration of the production servers.
Technology : Perl / Javascript / Java / Admin Linux / PHP


Co-Fonder of the enterprise


We created solutions for the enterprises that manage their services (web, mails, databases...). For instance, we have built a secure embedded system with a web interface.
Technology : PHP / Javascript / Admin Linux


Formation IBM

Advanced administration of IMB-DB2 databases(V8, V9)




2000 - 2003

Bac S



Projects SCK

I have made a service to shorten urls wrote with Perl and MongoDB.

Administer servers

I have my own server fully install on FreeBSD and using jails + ipv6 for all my services.

Vincent Bachelier — [email protected] — (+33) 664 009 796